In an age where digital connectivity is paramount, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the country’s telecom consumers are heard and their issues addressed. As of September 2023, the PTA received a staggering 13,596 complaints from telecom consumers against various telecom operators and cellular operators. However, what’s truly impressive is that 99 percent of these complaints were effectively resolved. This remarkable feat reflects the commitment of the PTA and the telecom operators to deliver seamless services to the people of Pakistan.

Understanding the Landscape

To provide you with a comprehensive overview, let’s dive into the details. The complaints that flooded the PTA’s inbox were diverse, targeting several categories of telecom operators, including:

Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs)

Cellular mobile subscribers constitute a significant portion of Pakistan’s telecom subscriber base, making it unsurprising that most complaints were directed at CMOs. By September, the PTA had received a total of 13,077 complaints in this category, and an astounding 99.2 percent of these were successfully addressed.

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Jazz received 6,117 complaints, and an impressive 99 percent of them were resolved, ensuring satisfied customers.


Telenor, too, faced its share of complaints, with 2,241 lodged against them. Remarkably, 99.2 percent of these were resolved promptly, reflecting the company’s dedication to customer service.


Zong received 3,365 complaints, and an overwhelming 99.6 percent of them were effectively addressed, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


Ufone’s 1,357 complaints were met with a 97.8 percent resolution rate, demonstrating their commitment to resolving consumer issues.

Other Operators

Apart from CMOs, the PTA also received 125 complaints against basic telephony services, with 91.2 percent of these being addressed, ensuring that landline users aren’t left behind. Additionally, 388 complaints were registered against Internet Service Providers (ISPs), with a remarkable resolution rate of 94.8 percent, highlighting the growing importance of internet services in the modern age.

The PTA’s Commitment

The impressive rate at which the PTA has resolved these complaints showcases their commitment to ensuring that telecom consumers in Pakistan enjoy uninterrupted and efficient services. This dedication is reflected not only in the numbers but also in the promptness with which issues are addressed.


In a world where connectivity is synonymous with progress, the PTA’s role is more crucial than ever. Their ability to resolve consumer complaints at a rate of 99 percent is commendable and reiterates their mission to create a connected Pakistan. It also sends a strong message to the telecom industry: that customer satisfaction is paramount.


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