The problem of low quality masks in Pakistan


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make its mark all across the globe, we continue to get used to all the news surrounding it as well. Starting from mainland China in Wuhan at the start of this year began what is now a global menace. The problem of low quality masks in Pakistan.

The virus has quickly spread all over the world, and while some countries have been successful in eradicating it using safety measures and other techniques, others, including the likes of the USA and Pakistan have not been too successful.

While the US currently is without doubt the worst hit country in terms of the number of cases as well as the number of deaths measuring up, many worry that Pakistan too will follow the same suite – especially if precautionary methods continue to be ignored – as they have been done over the course of the past few weeks especially.

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For now though, while the virus of course is a huge problem – so is a method of precaution to go with it. Indeed while the World Health Organization initially maintained the viewpoint that face masks are only really necessary when taking care of a patent infected with the virus, it has now changed its stance and considers it an essential part of safety. WHO initially led many to believe that masks weren’t exactly an essential part of the safety kit for the virus because it did not want the masks to surge in demand which could have led to Healthcare officials losing out if a shortage was there to be seen. Now though, mass production all over the globe means that while the demand continues to remain high, there are means to fill it.

While the mask problem initially existed in Pakistan as many retailers thought to increase the price way above the justifiable levels, the prices now have seen a major halt and are more in line to what they should have been in the first place. Unfortunately enough though, even with mask prices now being reasonable, many still cannot afford them. And in order to fulfill the illusion of safety, many are resorting to the purchase of cheap informal versions of masks – which needless to say do not provide the protection required.

As the government now continues to encourage people to continuously wear masks, it is therefore its responsibility to find a way thereby which such masks may be provided for those in need.


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