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The Punjab University senior class forces freshmen to undress

In many societies, including in student communities, ragging is an initiation tradition that is accepted as part of initiation. The purpose of this event was originally to create a sense of unity and bonding among the members of a group by forcing them to undergo a series of challenges or tasks that are often humiliating or demeaning to them.Punjab University

It should be noted that ragging has become increasingly harmful and abusive over time, with numerous incidents of physical, emotional, and psychological violence being reported as a result of the practice. In many countries around the world, ragging is now regarded as a criminal offense and has been banned due to the negative effect it can have on individuals and the community as a whole.

As long as ragging remains unabated in Pakistani educational institutions, the problem is unlikely to be resolved. One of such incidents occurred at Punjab University, where newcomers were subjected to ragging and were forced to perform objectionable tasks as part of the punishment for their actions.

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The university’s Fine Arts department has been accused of pressuring junior students to get naked during ragging sessions by senior students in the department. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the girls were told to do so in front of their female classmates in order to make matters worse.

As well as harassing and humiliating junior females, the seniors also bullied and intimidated the junior males. They blew cigarette smoke on their faces as they smoked. Their belongings were paraded before them and their bags were searched without their permission.

In contrast, Punjab University’s spokesperson, Khurram Shahzad, has played down these reports, claiming that no such incident has been reported at the university, nor has any student complained of ragging in the university.


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