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The quality of Windows 10 and Windows 11 graphics and audio drivers is improving

In an interview with Computerx magazine last May, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s executive vice president and chief product officer, confirmed that maintaining the high quality of Windows 11 would be a top priority for the company in the months ahead. At the time, Panay did not provide details about what improvements Microsoft was going to make to Win11 to make it more reliable, but it is predictable that they will do so.

According to Garrett Duchesne, the company’s lead program manager, Microsoft has recently published a blog post on its technical community blog that details the latest enhancements the company has made to its evaluation program for audio and display drivers.

As a result of the new driver evaluation solution, these events will be reloaded in the Software Digital Rights Management (SWDRM) catalogue, which will help with driver timeouts that are encountered when streaming software DRM content in other streaming applications, such as Netflix.

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As Microsoft explains in the following blog post,

The MFMP.exe installer is loading the installer and at the same time other applications, such as Netflix, may receive timeouts if the devices reloading events in the Code Integrity category are experiencing this issue. In order to identify this issue, a device-based approach is used. We use the set of all devices that have SWDRM playback as our sample location to calculate the percentage. When playing video on Windows devices, DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology (software or hardware) will be used.

Additionally, the company would like to better address the issue of audio processing objects or APO (software-based digital signal processing) crashes, as the current method usually results in audio crash measures failing for a period of time after drivers are committed, since it is based on a software-based design. According to the document titled “Percentage of computers with an APO disablement in the last 7 days, or at least one in the past seven days”, this is the reason for this.


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