In the coming weeks, Realme is likely to make its move as the company gears up to launch its latest and upcoming flagship – the Realme 3. Ahead of the phones launch, the company has been doing its utmost to contribute in all the hype that surrounds it, and with that said, Realme has indeed started teasing and revealing features that the phone may come with.

The CEO of the company in India – MadhavSheth, confirmed in a recent tweet that the phone will be powered by the MediaTekHelio P70 chipset. The CEO further went on to share an image where he compared the MediaTekHelio P70 chipset to the Snapdragon 660 SoC. He concluded his comparison with the claims that the Helio P70 offers percent lower power consumption, thirty percent faster download speeds, as well as a three percent better multi-core CPU performance.

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The CEO had also earlier shared an image coming along with a diamond-cut design. This came with a caption that read “Reintroducing”, and such a caption makes it quite obvious that Realme is looking to reintroduce the diamond-cut design, which had gained popularity when it first came to light in the Realme 1. The same image also shows off the phone in all its glory – with the likes of a dual camera setup, along with an LED flash, positioned in the top left corner, vertically.

While there has been quite some praise over the MediaTekHelio P70 SoC, the Realme 3 wouldn’t actually be the very first phone that comes with the particular processor. Realme U1, which is the company’s first ever smartphone in the U-series, also happens to be powered by the same processor.

The Realme 3 to feature with a diamond-cut design

The launch date for the Realme 3 still hasn’t been revealed, however, one would have to imagine that the phone will be launched by the end of next month. MadhavSheth had previously stated that the phone will actually launch in Q1 2019. There are reports flying high with regards to when the phone actually ends up launching, and most of them seem to point towards an early March launch in India.


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