So after a relatively boring year from Samsung coming to an end , Samsung is looking prepared to come in to 2019 with pretty much nothing to lose, as the yeare expected to go all out in 2019 with their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series and well one of the most stand out features could well be their new facial recognition technology. Samsung has recently filed trademarks relating to the Dynamic Vision, Private Vision and the Detect Vision, in their home country of South Korea. Moreover all of the three tend to relate with some form of advanced facial recognition system but it will still be seen whether the company will settle with either one of the three mentioned technologies or all of the three once the technology is actually confirmed by the company themselves!

Nowits still unclear what the specifications of the said technology will be, butthe dynamic vision sensors have been a source of mention by the company in thepast. Now if you remember, a previous version of the said technology allowed2000fps of video recording to take place on your device. Now one may think thatthis is an overkill for the regular videos, it does help immensely with thecreation of 3D maps, something which will help significantly with the accuracyof the facial recognition technology.

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Furthermore,other than the potential installation of the technology in future Samsung devices, the upcoming Galaxy S10 series is also expected to debut with anall-screen design that makes use of a display hole in the corner of the screen and also a in-display fingerprint scanner. The new phone is set to hit markets witha multiple rear cameras setup and will is expected to come loaded with either aExynos 9820 processor or a potential Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which isthe latest of its kind by the way.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series may well feature a Dynamic Vision facial recognition technology!

Finally the three models  are expected to be launched in to the cellphone market in late February probably at the MWC 2019 and the sales of the phones to the public is set to commence by Mid-March but once again these expected dates are only rumors with the official dates stillto be announced by the company! But hold on to your seats people, 2019 is just around the corner.


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