The Schedule for Universities Reopening

Universities Reopening

HEC has gone on to announce a new reopening schedule with regards to universities – and this schedule will pertain to multiple phases. In the very first phase of the plan, only those students who are facing connectivity issues will in fact be called on campus.

Going in the same regard, with respect to the second phase, final year students as well as graduate students and students with house jobs or other practical requirements will be called. And as far as the very last phase is concerned – all the students will be allowed on campus.

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In a document which has made its way recently, it was clearly mentioned by the HEC that it proceeded on to survey the actions that have been taken in advanced countries. In all the cases that have come forward thus far, the decision has in fact been taken by each university in separate capacity – based on its conditions. In an ideal world, we hope that a similar pattern will also be followed in Pakistan. Indeed there is hope that HEC will go on to provide the overall guidance which happens to be based around international best practices and also Pakistan’s particular conditions – including the governmental directives.

The schedule which seems to be adopted by HEC commends that on the 15th of July, university faculty as well as essential staff and those students who have been facing connectivity issues shall settle in on campus. Starting on the third of August, final year students as well as graduate students and those students that have house jobs or other practical requirements too shall arrive back on campus.Then, on the 17th of August, students with lab requirements – especially those in the area of science, medicine and engineering shall be allowed on campus and finally, on the 14th of September, orientation session for the new students shall be held, and on the very next day, all old and new students shall be finally allowed back on campus.


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