There is always a considerable amount of discussion regarding the upcoming iPhone 15 price every year. Aside from looking at the pricing, people always seem to be looking for the newest features as well that will be available in the device. In order to keep their thirst for details satisfied, the leakers provide most of the information even before the company officially announces it in order to keep their hunger satisfied. We are still dealing with the same problems, and we know already what Apple is planning with the iPhone 15 and what its ambitions are. In the last few days, a new leak on the internet has revealed that these ambitions will come with a high price tag of iPhone 15, and that funny memes regarding the selling of a kidney for an iPhone will not be sufficient, since the price would have to go up even more if one wanted to buy a phone like the iPhone 15.

In a recent article, one of the most famous leakers, one of the most famous industry insiders, called LeaksApplePro, revealed the shocking price of the iPhone 15 along with the price increases that will surprise people around the world.

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It is worth noting that the leakers never fail to reveal every single detail of the device, so last month Apple announced a bill of materials that would be used in the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra, a new name for its upcoming Pro models, and a price hike of up to $100. After getting over the shock from the announcement of the all-new iPhone 15 Ultra, LeaksApplePro have come up with another shocking piece of information which is that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a starting price of $1299, which is approximately $200 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max which was already quite pricey. As far as the history of iPhone is concerned, this is the biggest price jump ever made.

There is going to be an increase in the price of the iPhone. It is the same all over the world. Apple has been losing margins on a consistent basis over the last few years. The rise in production costs, as well as the inflation that has reduced the value of the money the company has in the bank, have finally broken the camel’s back.

As well as that, they added:

As for the other devices in the line-up, we are not aware of the situation as yet.”

It is reasonable to assume, however, that since the starting price of the iPhone 15 Ultra is $1299, then its 1 TB model will go as high as $1799. According to LeaksApplePro, the iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to ship with a minimum of 256GB of storage capacity, meaning that the extremely high price will be eased a little bit as a result of the added storage capacity.

As well as this, it was also revealed that the new models would not only come with dual front-facing cameras, but also USB-C as well as the latest thunderbolt 4 technology, which will replace the Lightning port with USB 2.0 speeds, as well as titanium body construction which is one of the reasons for the significant price increase.


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