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The Sony PS4 host firmware 10.50 supports authorized applications

The host of the PlayStation 4 PS4 recently ushered in the 10.50 version of the firmware update for the system, which included a few minor improvements to the system.

The following is a summary of the updates as of today:

An authorized app can be accessed from the Settings menu of the device. In order to access authorized apps, the user must link their PlayStation Network account to a third-party app or service that the user has authorized. An authorized app allows the user to grant permission to that app to access data from their account when the user uses that app. Your mobile device can be used to view and manage authorized apps by going to “Settings” > “Account Management” > “Authorized Apps” and scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

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A new feature has been added to the friends list that allows users to see which friends are active on the PlayStation app.

The display of Unicode 15.0 emoji has been improved.

Players from different platforms can be seen in a game session if they are cross-platform.

There has also been a mass release of the Sony PS5 version 7.0 update, bringing new features, including a Discord voice chat system that is integrated into the PS5 host system, providing VRR (variable refresh rate) support for 1440p resolution.

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