In accordance with the company’s quarterly earnings report, Sony kicked off the Ps5 sales run with a very respectable number. Indeed the Japanese tech giant managed to ship 4.5 million units of the console in Q3 of last year – the consoles first full sales quarter. This comes despite the difficulty faced by users across the globe to buy the console. Of course one would have to imagine then that with the greater ease of buying the console, the sale numbers are only likely to increase.

As a matter of fact, the performance with regards to the Sony Ps5 is actually a carbon copy of the Ps4’s first-quarter performance some eight years ago, which managed to muster up 4.5 million shipments. However, it is also clear then that the legacy console’s popularity is quickly diminishing. Indeed the Ps4 managed to ship just 1.4 million units – down from the 100,000 over the previous quarter and nearly 80% lower than its performance in Q3 of 2019.

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Of course the fact that the Ps4 isn’t doing so well now is also quite understandable. The Ps5 goes on to being about a slew of improvements to graphical fidelity as well as storage speed. Backward compatibility also goes on to entice users to invest a bit more in the newer system so as to play older classics and also upcoming titles.

All in all, the Playstation division saw a 40% revenue buff over the course of the previous quarter – this going on to suggest that the gaming business continues to lead Sony’s other segments. This also comes despite the company managing to sell consoles at a loss largely to meet “strategic price points for Ps5 hardware.”

Also, in comparison, Sony also did in fact improve its smartphone shipment figures in Q3 of this last year to a million units – representing a 67% increase over the previous quarter. However, even with this in mind, 2020 as a whole will likely end with lower figures than a year prior.


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