The global semiconductor material market was worth a staggering $55.3 billion just last year and it is expected that this particular number will grow by around six percent this year – to $58.7 billion. And now, a new SEMI report has gone on to find that South Korea on its own would end up accounting for $10.5 billion by the end of next year.

In accordance with what a report proceeds on to show, the materials market has actually been witnessing a steady growth rate every year, this especially being the case in South Korea – which had gone on to account for $9.23 billion just last year. Majority of the overall growth with respect to the semiconductor materials market comes in from the likes of Taiwan, China and also of course South Korea. While the nation was in fact third in market size after Taiwan and China, it still remains a major region taking into consideration the high value of investments that are being made by both Samsung Electronics as well as SK Hynix.

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Both the firms of course proceed on to spend a rather large sum of money on semiconductor materials, which apparently happens to account for the largest expenditure all across the globe. Moreover, SEMI is also in the process of gearing up to host SMC Korea 2021 from the 12th of May to the 18th of May in South Korea. The event will be fully online and will also be streamed live as well as on demand sessions which will of course end up covering topics from extreme ultraviolet (EUV), packaging to foundry. This particular event will also end up including a rather large number of companies in the semiconductor industry in attending the event in itself.


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