The Yaara Vey makers provide clarification on Marina Khan’s claims regarding unpaid dues

The 'Yaara Vey makers provide clarification on Marina Khan's claims regarding unpaid dues

The creators of Yaara Vey have responded to veteran actress Marina Khan’s complaints about not receiving a salary for her part on the movie. On social media the official website of the Sami Khan-starring film released an apology to Marina’s earlier claims.

The film was sponsored solely by a different group, Beeline Productions shared that they would like to clear up the error in the actor’s compensation. The payment didn’t come at their side, but instead from another company that was sponsoring Yaara Vey, Elite Films.

The film’s makers added they had also informed the public that Elite Films backed off from the film’s production without notification. Beeline has already made payment to Elite Films funds for the payment of the actors, the crew and cast for the production. “It was recently brought to our attention that payment of certain artists was still pending. Beeline Productions is now in legal process together with Elite Films, who signed the contracts for the artists.”

Directly addressing the issue to Khan The statement also said, “We do understand and accept our concerns with Marina Khan, a much-respected actor and a member of the film’s family. With sincere respect we want to assure her that, as the sole sponsor of Yaara Vey and honorable professionals we are committed to transparency and will not sit silently by the occurrence of malpractices and misconduct that are in our company’s or our business’s name.”

It also reads, “However, being well aware that legal actions can take time to settle In the meantime we have reached out Marina Khan a, who we believe to be extremely important to us as a film family, in order to provide the required pending indemnity for her acting duties regardless of the outcome and outcome of the legal proceeding.”

The banner also shared “We truly regret the inconvenience suffered by the renowned actor and are looking for her support when we finish the film to release very soon underneath Beeline Productions.” Beeline Productions banner.”


A veteran actress and filmmaker condemned the makers of the movie Yaara Vey in an Instagram post, after they failed to pay her the money promised for her role on the movie.

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Khan She, who plays her role as the lovable mother Soni Khan, who plays the role of the mother Soni, didn’t hold herself from expressing her displeasure over the insufficient payment. Khan then went on to speak about other production pauses during the production, such as delays in contract’s signing. Khan declared that if desired, she could halt the release of the film until the money was completed. But her goal is to shed some more light on the problem which is plaguing everyone involved within the industry of film, from new performers to well-known names.

“To all of my Instagram fans on Instagram. I am extremely upset about the film being released since I was not compensated by the producers for the amount that they promised me. Additionally, they repeatedly delayed the signing. In theory, if wantedto, I could apply a stay to the release however, I’m lazy and frankly , I don’t care any rat’s arse any more. To the people who made the movie, all I have to tell you is that I am ashamed of you.” she wrote.

It was Tanhaiyan: Naye Silsilayactor who has been called an “living Legend” by the general public immediately gained support online following her first post on the internet. Many have criticized how little respect was paid to the industry experts who have been leading local TV and film for many years. Such incidents always cause the viability of the revival of the industry into doubt.


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