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There are nine new games available on Netflix streaming app as of today

Netflix games: Nine new games have been added to the streaming app. As per the announcement made by the app, it has been confirmed that nine new games will be released to the app’s mobile app this month. As you may already know, Netflix has been known to provide free games with its streaming subscriptions for some time now.

The Netflix platform released nine additional games this month, including Skies of Chaos, Reigns: Three Kingdoms, and others, to its library.

In addition to Country Friends, a FarmVille clone developed by Gameloft; Reigns Three Kingdoms, a card-based strategy game; Skies of Chaos, a shoot-out game that is similar to Skyes of Chaos; Flutter Butterflies, a butterfly collector’s game; and Cats & Soups, a calm culinary game, are also included. There are a number of other new games being released today, including Hello Kitty Happiness Parade, Immortality, Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, and Triviaverse, a television game, to mention just a few.

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Country Friends is a game developed by Gameloft and released in 2015, during the peak of the popularity of FarmVille and Hay Day. Similarly to the other farm management games available on Netflix, Country Friends offers the same type of experience as other farm management games, so Netflix is presumably hoping that users will give it a try for yet another opportunity to fulfill their dreams of being a farmer.

Mobile games can only be accessed by app subscribers who have purchased the app. We do not charge any hidden fees or charge for in-app purchases or advertisements. Through Netflix’s mobile app, you are able to access the games through your iOS and Android device. You will be taken to the app store when you click on a game, where you can download the game independently from the app store. You will need your Netflix login credentials in order to be able to play the game.

Also earlier this month, the streaming platform introduced a new interactive show called Triviaverse to its catalog of interactive shows. With the remote control attached to the TV, players are challenged to answer questions using the TV as quickly as possible before time runs out.


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