As announced this week by the official gold standard alliance, the alliance manufacturers have been preparing for the application store large-screen area online matters since the 2022 release of the white paper. The app stores for Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and Lenovo have been on the large screen area of the app store this month, and applications which have been adapted to large screens will be displayed on the large screen area of the app store.

In order to download highly adapted applications for large screens, the large-screen users can directly log into the large-screen zone of the website. Aside from not including unadapted performance in the application, the application also meets the following criteria:

  • The core function page on the large-screen display doesn’t appear to have any serious interface rendering problems, so users are able to complete the core function operations with no problem. It is a normal layout of the application’s core page, but the layout of its non-core page is slightly disordered, but it does not affect the usability of the application in any way.
  • A good adaptation needs to be able to switch between large and small screens with no display or function abnormalities, no excessive display deformation, and obviously fewer elements on the page will be present because of the ability to switch between large and small screens.

There are a number of problems with the large-screen application, including:

  • When switching between large and small screens of an app, there may be compatibility issues, such as app crashes, black screens, etc.
  • Issues with the layout of the application page: The layout of the application page is seriously disordered, only half of the content is displayed, the content of multiple pages or first-level pages overlaps and there is a variation in the sizes of controls of the same type.
  • As a result, there are serious problems with the display of the first and second pages of the application, including stretching, zooming in, occlusion, and truncation of the contents.
  • Problems with the functionality: It is impossible to click on the menu, which affects the way functions are accessed, and the operation pop-up window is huge and cannot be closed.
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In addition, the Gold Label Alliance also pointed out that the emergence of folding screens in smartphones is a significant innovation in the field of smartphones during the last few years. While there is a relatively adequate level of preparation for the hardware at this point, there are still some problems with the software ecology that need to be addressed. As a result of the Gold Standard Alliance and many manufacturers collaborating to release the “ITGSA Large-Screen Device Application Adaptation with White Paper” in order to reduce developers’ adaptation costs for multi-brands and multi-devices, developers and designers can easily adjust their applications by using the contents of this white paper to quickly adapt their applications to large-screen devices.


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