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There has been a launch of Huawei Watch Buds with built-in earbuds, ECG, and more

The Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series smartwatches have been introduced, and they are designed specifically for children, as they are meant to fit their growing bodies. A major difference between the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X Pro and its predecessor is the fact that it is removable. In addition to the colour OLED display on one side of the watch, there is also a black and white segment code display on the other side, and both screens are equipped with cameras so that users can make video calls with one another.

The product is also the first of its kind on the market. Besides the wristwatch, Huawei has released other products, such as the Nova 10 SE, the FreeBuds 5i Pro, and others. Let’s take a look at what this revolutionary Watch Buds has to offer right out of the box in this review.

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It is worth mentioning that the Huawei Watch Buds come with a magnetic lid, which is referred to as the Flip Cover design by Huawei. There is a dependable and precise hinge on this bag, and its lid can be opened with one finger, making it very convenient for users to use. There is no need to worry about water penetrating the earphone compartment because the earphones are water-resistant according to IP54 standards. The magnetic black box that securely holds the earphones has a magnetic gathering array that makes it easy to remove them as well as simple to put them back in.

In the Huawei Watch Buds there is a 3D curved glass streamer enclosed in a stainless steel shell that has been toughened to 1300 degrees Celsius, as well as a 3D curved glass streamer. As well as the crown, the drill-cut buttons are adorned with a total of 710 Paris studs. The 47mm diameter smartwatch is available. There is a circular AMOLED display which has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels on a 1.47-inch screen. The earbuds, on the other hand, have an in-ear bullet design.

The Huawei Watch Buds are powered by a 410mAh battery that is expected to last three days. Each earbud is powered by a 30mAh cell and is rated to last 4 hours with ANC.


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