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There is finally a Recycle Bin feature in Chrome OS 108, thanks to Google

Recycle Bin is a feature that many Windows users may often rely on, as it is a feature that is frequently used by them. You can drag unwanted files into the Recycle Bin first, but the files will not have the effect of being deleted directly, and users will be able to restore certain files afterwards according to the needs they have in mind. It is worth noting, however, that Chrome OS does not have such a mechanism, and as of the latest release of Chrome OS 108, this situation has finally been improved.

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There was a time when a user who wanted to delete a file would get a message asking “Are you sure you want to delete this file?” and he or she would be able to click “Cancel” to cancel the deletion operation as part of the previous version of ChromeOS. The file will, however, be completely erased once the “Delete” button is clicked, and the user will not be able to recover the lost file if the “Delete” button is clicked.

There is finally a Recycle Bin feature in Chrome OS 108, thanks to Google

In the ChromeOS version 108 update, Google has managed to optimize the Recycle Bin mechanism in a better way. When users click “Trash” on the left sidebar, they can find a trash icon that represents a trash can, which can be used to delete files that users have clicked to delete.

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The company says it will automatically delete files in the Trash folder that are older than 30 days, and users can empty the trash at any time by clicking the button to empty the trash, or they can restore a file from the trash by clicking on the “Restore from trash” button in the upper right corner of the screen.


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