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There is now an option to lock tabs that are incognito in Google Chrome

It has been announced that as part of Data Privacy Day, Google has shared some safety tips for using Chrome on Android devices as well as a new feature for the browser.

You will be able to lock Incognito tabs when you leave the app, and you will be able to unlock them using a screen lock of your choice, such as a biometric scan, PIN, or pattern when you return to the app.

If Chrome is opened, you will be prompted to use the preferred screen unlock method in order to access the Incognito tabs, while the public tabs will still be accessible with the same ease as the Incognito tabs.

There is a new feature that Chrome adds on Android that is very useful when it comes to shared devices where you want to keep your browsing private. Chrome for Android still lacks the option to use multiple profiles, so this can be useful in that case if the Android version is not able to use that feature.

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Nevertheless, Google has announced that it is still working to roll out the feature, so some users may still find themselves waiting for it to be available to them when it becomes available. While the update is being developed, it is recommended that you keep your Chrome app on Android up to date so that you receive the update as soon as possible.

The easiest way to do this is to head over to Google Play Store and check if any updates are available for your apps. In addition to that, you can also use the search menu to find Google Chrome directly in the browser window.

Once the update is released globally, Pakistan will most likely be the first country to receive the update.

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