Things to do if you’re mobile phone is stolen

Things to do if you’re mobile phone is stolen
Things to do if you’re mobile phone is stolen

Phone snatching is very common these days, not only inthe rural areas of Pakistan, but also the busy streets of Lahore, Karachi and other cities. And so it is very essential for you to get your device blocked in the case where it gets either stolen – or indeed if you happen to misplace it. The ideal way in which you can carry out the procedure to get your device blocked in such a situation is by calling PTA’s helpline number and lodging a complaint. The helpline number is: 0800-25625. Or you can even proceed to email at [email protected]. If however you don’t find any of these a viable enough option, then you may visit the headquarters of PTA or indeed visit the nearest PTA Zonal Office.

The process however does not just end there. In order to carry out the whole process in a proper manner, you will have to provide the IMEI number of the device in question, the number of the phone itself and the model of the phone along with its color. Additional information such as the date of the information, the CNIC number as well as your home address. The victim will also have to provide his/her father’s name or mother’s name, and will also have to give out his/her contact number.

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It is also important to check whether or not your device is indeed blocked once you have completed the procedure of contacting PTA and carrying out all their procedures. Within 16 working hours of reporting, you can send the 15-digit IMEI to 8484 to confirm whether the device is blocked or not. You might also entertain the thought of visiting If indeed your device has been subject to being blocked, then the following status shall be displayed against the stolen IMEI search : “Your mobile device (IMEI #) is blocked (Reported stolen/Lost/Misused to PTA).”


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