Ltd. today released its November 2022 sales and production report. In November, 12,863 new electric vehicles were sold, and from January to November, 120,733 units were sold in the new energy vehicle category.

Further, Great Wall Motor sold 20,088 units overseas in November, which means that since the beginning of the year, the company has sold 152,884 units overseas.

This year, Great Wall Motor sold 120,733 electric vehicles

As a whole, Great Wall Motors sold 87,560 units in November, a decrease of 28.53% from last year; the total number of units produced in November was 87,668, a decrease of 29.59% from last year.

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The following is a breakdown of the production and sales data of the various brands of Great Wall Motors:

In a recent change of organization, Great Wall Motor has restructured its brands into a more logical structure. One of them is Euler, and another one is Sharon, and both of them are fully integrated in terms of organization and management. Wen Fei, the CEO of the Sharon brand, is in charge of Sharon and Euler, as well as Wey Brand and Tank, which are fully integrated in terms of organizational and management structures. As the operator and manager of the dual brands of brand and tank, and the company that creates advanced new energy, it is fully responsible for the management and operation of both brands.

The two systems will realize their respective dual-brand operations.


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