Samsung wasted no time to jump straight onto the 5G bandwagon, as the company has already launched its Galaxy S10 device featuring with 5G in South Korea. However, the company is not looking to stop there, as Verizon has already revealed that the next Galaxy Note phone too will feature with 5G connectivity.

The CEO of Verizon has recently stated : “Many of the phones, as already I’ve talked about, meaning the Samsung phone, both the Note and the Galaxy coming this year, we’ll both have it 5G (sic).”

It became quite apparent before that Verizon was looking to range the Galaxy S10 5G as a timed exclusive, however, the latest comments coming from the company’s CEO certainly go on to convey the carrier’s intention to field a Galaxy Note 10 capable of 5G connectivity too.

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Considering the fact that the previous Note phones have featured with the same chipset as the Galaxy Flagship launched earlier in the year, we can expect that the Note 10 too will feature with the Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820. It may also be reasonable to expect that the Galaxy Note 10 will come with a bigger battery to counter the power-hungry nature that 5G poses.

Also, the manufacturer from Korea won’t be the only brand to get their hands further into the 5G technology by launching a phone capable of the service, as there are also other major players in the smartphone world looking to set forth their very own 5G device – with the Huawei Mate X being one example.

It’s still quite early to say what specifications the Galaxy Note 10 will follow, or what the price of the device will be – however, we do now have a start since we do know for a fact that there will be a Note model that will feature with. 5G.


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