TiE Lahore Chapter is an International, non-profit organisation fostering entrepreneurship with 61 chapters in 18 different countries and 13,000 members worldwide. TiE hosted a mega event TiE Crazy –Here’s to the Crazy Ones! at Royal Palm on Friday.

The aim of the event was to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder, and provoke conversations that matter.

The sensational evening was brought to life by the 6 incredible personalities that hailed from different spheres of the Pakistani business circle, each sharing their extraordinary stories and enlightening the crowd with their hard-earned wisdom.

Dr. Usman Bhatty, a highly respected business professional working with Nestlé, recounted some of the profound experiences he had witnessed over his 20 years in the industry.

Masarrat Misbah, President and Co-Founder of the DepilexSmileagain Foundation, took to the stage to highlight some of the stories regarding her organisation and the work she has done for countless women who have suffered disfiguration through domestic criminal assault in Pakistan.

Adnan Zahid of Johnny and Jugnu fame fascinated audiences with his discussions on having a business vision and how to execute it in the best possible manner.

Social entrepreneur, Maryam Mohiuddin touched upon the prevalent situation of societal development in Pakistan, and how she was motivated by it to embark on her entrepreneurial ventures and academic pursuits.

Lahore: President Humayun Mazhar,Max Babri,R.M.Nadeem,Maryam Mohiuddin,Dr,Usman Bhatty,Masarrat Misbah,Adnan Zahid,Nuria Iqbal seen in a group photo during “Tie Crazy Hero,s to the Crazy Ones” organised by Tie Lahore Chapter(The Indus Entrepreneurs) at local hotel.

The distinguished artist R.M. Naeem graced the audience with his visionary outlook, talking at length about his experiences as an artist and an intellectual helped him create his own identity and pursue his passion through his outfit, Studio RM.

Nuria Iqbal, a UK-trained solicitor and CEO of Labour& Love, shared her involvement with social work in Pakistan and the kind of work she was motivated by.

The event was moderated by Max Babri, one of Pakistan’s leading consultants and moderators, and through his exceptional skills, proved to be a delightfully intelligent and insightful experience for all those present.

Mr HumayunMazhar, President TiE Lahore Chapter shared the future roadmap that the chapter had envisioned. The talk ended on a high note with active participation from the audience, which included academics, professionals, startup founders, and members associated with incubators and accelerators. The evening concluded with a networking session where guests were able to interact with one another and enjoy a pleasant environment.


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