So the internet sensation TikTok has been revealed to cross over 1 Billion downloads on Google app and Apple App stores. It all started after a Social video app TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, was launched in the country of China in the  September of 2016. A media app for this much loved nee video platform was later introduced to the overseas market in 2017 and up till now it has been one verysuccessful story. Furthermore, the latest news should come as an achievement for the company, as the company’s app have achieved a new milestone after it has been revealed that the company has now over one billion downloads recorded globally. This was revealed to us by the Store Intelligence estimates report published by the Sensor Tower.

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Now if you’re still not aware of what TikTok is, well this is a media app for creating and sharing short videos and this platformis largely owned by ByteDance.The app has seen consistent usage by individuals since it was made available for download and the main function of the application is that users can use it to share short videos of people doing silly stuff ranging from lip-syncing or dancing to popular songs. It is available on the Apple app store and on Google Play store.

TikTok downloads cross over one Billion!

Interestingly, the figures revealed to us do not include the  downloads that were made in China. Thus, the number of downloads globally may likely be much more higher than one billion. The report also showed that the number of new users using the app reached 71.3 million persons. Other details include that 25 percent of TikTok’s downloads to date have come from India, and the userbase is estimated to be about 250 million. In only the month of January, 43 percent of new users were from India, compared to 9.5 percent in the same period last year. That underscores the growing popularity of the app in India. The number of new users in the US also grew as 9% of TikTok’s January installs were from the US compared to 5.6 percent last year. The app was also the number one non-game app in the US in January. So all in all it has been a remarkable milestone achieved by the developers of TikTok.


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