TikTok girl Hareem Shah harassed again in Dubai mall

Tik Tok girl Hareem Shah

Tiktok girl Hareem Shah has come out to speak about the abuse and derogatory remarks that she was being subjected to in Dubai. She again come into the spotlight after being harassed in Dubai mall. She posted a video on Twitter, in which she was seen pushed and cornered by a group of people. Slangs and abuses had been hurled against her. She was being picketed by the people from all over. 

Earlier, she made headlines when her video went viral kicking the doors of the Foreign office and roaming around sensitive offices in the building. People on social media went fuming after seeing that video and termed it disrespecting and abuse of public office.

Most of the people went out to say that she was mocking public offices, which are sacred, as they serve the people of Pakistan and maintained by taxpayers money. Moreover, these offices are the property of the people of Pakistan.

Tiktok girl Hareem Shah Tweeted and posted a video after the incident. The Tweet wrote “I was invited as a guest at the opening of Oasis Mall in Dubai. Hundreds of Pakistani men hurled abuses, pushed & some even kicked me. Is this how you treat your women??”.

However, it is not the first time that she has been subjected to such abuse. Earlier, she was harassed and thrown with abuse in Karachi. 

“I attended an event where hundreds of my fans mobbed me. One of them touched me inappropriately,” she said. She posted a video earlier, where men can be seen getting near her and trying to touch her, however she was seen refusing them politely.


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