TikTok hits major milestone

PTA request, TikTok have banned 93000 accounts

The short video sharing platform in TikTok has achieved yet another milestone as the platform continues with its immense growth and rise over the course of the past year or so. Indeed the platform has gone on to reach one billion users that end up using it – and this has been the case over the past few months. The coronavirus pandemic meant that people had to stay at their homes and this contributed greatly to the rise of the platform due to the fact that people were more than ever hungry for entertainment. Indeed as the most parts of the world were on lockdown last year, Tiktok along with other social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook provided perhaps the biggest avenue for a wide array of professionals to express themselves.

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Of course TikTok has been able to catch and hold the attention of millions and millions of smartphone users all across the globe – even though there have indeed been some rather stringent censoring as well as other political roadblocks that the giant has had to face in several countries. Both the United States as well as India have been two countries that have greatly contributed to Titkok not achieve the growth that it should’ve had the situation been different. However though, even with all that the company has had to go through courtesy of strict regulations and what not, it has still announced the fact that it has now more than one billion active users worldwide. This then comes just after a month that the giant dethroned Facebook as the world’s most downloaded social media app.

Of course much has also been made of TikTok having links with the Chinese government – which is why it saw opposition from the US in the first place. However, these allegations now seem to be cooling down, and we shouldn’t therefore be too surprised if the giant does even better in the future.


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