TikTok, the world’s leading short-form video platform, announces the launch of its Ramadan campaign #StitchKindness in Pakistan which embodies the holy month spirit and values of kindness, tolerance, generosity, and solidarity. 

Through a series of diverse activities, including the launch of the campaign’s official ad film, powered by five in-app hashtags and a food rations donation drive with the Rizq Foundation, TikTok will be engaging its community throughout the month of Ramadan with meaningful, diverse and authentic content. 

Known for constantly championing its community to create meaningful content, TikTok will encourage users to create a chain of kindness by publishing content using the hashtags #StitchKindness and #MaheRamzan, acknowledging good deeds and acts of kindness around them. Using the platform’s stitch feature, which allows users the ability to clip and integrate scenes from another user’s video into their own, TikTok aims to ignite a chain reaction where users will highlight unsung heroes in their lives that don’t get much appreciation.

TikTok will also bring users together this holy month to share the spirit of Ramadan and its significance by sharing how they celebrate and prepare for Ramadan whether it is by sharing their favourite recipes, insightful health tips or simply sharing how they spiritually prepare for Ramadan. 

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#IftarKiTayyari will be available for chefs and creators who enjoy cooking to spice up their Ramadan table & learn different recipes every day while #RamzanRoutine will feature content from users revolving around health, fitness and self-care, guiding the community on how to stay healthy and fit during the holy month. The campaign will wrap up with celebrations around Eid where users can share their favourite Eid moments using the hashtag #EidKiKhushiyan. TikTok will also launch exciting in-app effects and filters for these hashtags which users can use to create content during the month. 

Lastly, as part of the platform’s #StitchKindness campaign, TikTok is collaborating with the Rizq Foundation to donate food rations to the underprivileged throughout the month of Ramadan across multiple cities in Pakistan. This donation will mark the start of a long-term collaboration between TikTok and the Rizq Foundation, with the aim to play a significant role in addressing the food shortage and nutritional challenges faced by several communities in the country.  

Ramadan has always been a month of great spiritual gains, celebrations and gatherings whether in-person or virtual. TikTok aims to celebrate with its community across the world to convey the spirit of the holy month, while continuing to inspire creativity and bring joy to its ever-growing community worldwide.


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