Security breaches and hacking are commonplace on social media sites. Particularly, in the present, when hackers are searching for ways to gather data from users. TikTok is also recently in the news for hacking the security of data.

The latest incident, “AgainstTheWest” was posted on a hacking site showing how TikTok and Wechat are prone to security issues.

Although a number of people with this information have confessed to leaks of their data, TikTok has categorically refuted any claims of hackers. TikTok hasn’t seen anyone’s information or codes leaked through its forums.

AgainstTheWest The other hand, has offered images of databases that actually belong to WeChat or TikTok.

They discovered that the 790GB database contains information about two billion individuals.

The leaked data contains the information of users and platform statistics, as well as programme code tokens, and other data.

On the other hand the company isn’t thrilled. In a tweet, the business has denied the allegations and said that all the hacking allegations are false.

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“This is not true. Our security team has investigated this claim and found that the code at issue is not tied to the backend code of TikTok and has never integrated to WeChat information.”

In the wake of the incident, an security professional identified as Tory Hunt rushed to Twitter to say that the claim of hackers getting TikTok information is not true.

He also noted that the information did not contain any sensitive information.

He then went on to state that the bulk of the information is in fact garbage since the company already made it available.

He also believed that hackers had access an unidentified database, which, though it may not contain relevant information, suggested that TikTok still had security holes.


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