Time for Tecno to launch pop-up camera phone

Time for Tecno to launch pop-up camera phone
Time for Tecno to launch pop-up camera phone

The smartphone company which most probably changed the dynamics of the smartphone industry ever since their arrival, it was established in 2006 and from them they have made many masterpieces and the best part is that they have given the best features in the phones with the lowest possible prices. There are also some rumors about the upcoming surprise that they will be soon going to launch. Although its new design is available in market at the moment but at very high prices. Time for Tecno to launch pop-up camera phone.

Until now the phones with pop-up camera feature are available in insanely high prices but they are making it a trend. As tecno does not wants its users to lack behind they are rumors that they are soon gonna launch phone with pop-up camera so its users can keep up to the trend.The phone would also be available at quite a lower price and is expected to launch with a retail price of almost 30,000 Pakistani rupees.

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As tecno is keeping up to the class of top brand smartphones. For that they will be giving a 48 MP quad camera for high quality image results. If we come at the front, we are experiencing a selfie shooter of 48 megapixel which is just perfect for taking amazing selfies. The launch is expected in early 2020 from Canon series. The internals of the phone are just as amazing as other features. Tecno is giving a RAM of 6 GB which means to lacking and no problem of phone slowing down while playing large games like PUBG or Call of Duty. In addition to that it has internal memory of 128 GB which enough for keeping almost anything. This  phone is  totally designed according to the needs of  the user and the latest trend so it’s expected to take tecno at a next level once its released.


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