It’s the morning of Tesla Model Y unveiling event, and of course, we’re expecting to see a new electric crossover SUV from the company. That vehicle will surely be the star of the show, but given all the turmoil of late surrounding Tesla and its plans, this would be a mighty good time for Elon Musk and Co. to give some updates on a few other things.

It was finally time for fast charging to take over the EV world as well. Here it is. Tesla has unveiled a new 250-kilowatt fast-charger that can top up for a 75-mile range in 5 minutes. However, this is all still rather theoretical for most Tesla owners. Only one such V3 Supercharger can deliver that much current, and it’s in the company’s factory town of Fremont, CA. When might those of us in the rest of the world get a taste of that new, liquid-cooled juice? I hope we find out tonight.


The model Y is also expected to be announced during the event. Y would be Tesla’s crossover-type version of the Model 3. What Tesla really needs is a slightly taller, slightly roomier version of the Model 3, something that can tick the crossover SUV boxes without requiring a clean-sheet redesign. Years after its debut, the Model 3 is still radical enough in its approach and interface that pushing the envelope further is not only unnecessary, but risky.

My only other hope is that the Model Y has a conventional hatchback. That tiny trunk opening on the Model 3 just won’t work in crossover land. Tesla is confident with the model Y being the middle-brother for the S and 3. ‘

Finally, the interior that Tesla provides, coupled with a cross-over spaciousness of the model Y would be a killer combination in terms of sales and wont disappoint it Tesla is able to pull this off!

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