Tips to make a WhatsApp group successful. Most common feature for WhatsApp is “group chats” these days and people use this feature not only to plan a weekend dinner but also the platform is so good that businesses are also under the influence of this feature.

As WhatsApp group allow you to add 256 members to a group you are chatting with, trend of adding only a few friends seems to be gone now. The platform helps you to get connected to the people of different departments from around the world.

But being on a platform and administering a group are not the only things to consider about group chats, instead running a successful group is the thing of worst need to make the best use of the platform.

Either you are already administrator of a group or want to be an administrator at WhatsApp, here are some top tips you should consider:

Tip# 1

Post community guidelines and notes about the ‘reply’ functionality, regularly. Whether a new group or an already established one it never hurts to post community/group guidelines & names of group admins if people have questions. More socially focused larger groups especially benefit from doing this (especially reminding people about reply functionality) as this way can help topics stay on track & members know when to dip in and out to avoid self-promotional posts.

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Ensure to create a recognised post type for important information. The content contained will vary from group to group but in case you create a post that is easily recognisable (image, emoji, ASCII) people are expected to spot the post in more active groups also it is easy to search for.

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Try to figure out what works or what is missing, by using a tool like WhatsAnalyzer or ChatVisualizer but check terms and conditions first before using tools. A handy tool that could complete data visualisation on your exported chats. Use the data to determine the time to post, topics to post about & members you might want to contact to be more active or ask in case anything different requires to be done.


Use Google Forms and Doodle to get quick feedback. Ask as much questions you can using Google Forms or schedule a meet-up easily with a quick link from Doodle both make running large groups more manageable & fairer. Using can also add an extra layer of measurement for WhatsApp group admins and users as well.


You should also schedule discussions. Though it sound strange, the best WhatsApp groups schedule specific times to discuss topics. There is a group that even goes further and gets members to help create a Google Doc on the subject that is later on edited by admins and then sent to everyone. This tip is nor expected to work for every group but it could be a good way to limit endless rivers of updates & create something usable faster.


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