3 tips you must need to give a killer presentation

3 tips you must need to give a killer presentation

It is factual to the certain extent that public speaking and presentations are not for everybody. However, when the job demands it you can’t sit back and blame your fears on your genes.

No matter, you’re a student or a corporate executive; if you really want to give a brilliant presentation then following three tips would certainly help you in this regard.

1. Start with a compelling story

In this era, humans have very bad attention spans which have been further declined by nonstop smartphone usage. People will only watch or hear things that appeal to them otherwise they’ll move on.

On average, the human concentration span or attention to something is approximately 8 seconds. And critically, that is all you get. So always try to use an interesting opening line to catch the attention of the audience.

However, the presentation isn’t over yet. You have to indulge your audience to listen until the very end. So, how would be that possible? What’s the procedure?

This question must be arising in your mind. If you’ve ever seen good TED Talks you’ll identify how brilliantly those speakers curate their talks by building a story.

According to professional speaker Akash Karia, “stories are fascinating to us because they allow our imagination to wander and form a visual in our minds. Whether you’re giving a business presentation or defending your Final Year Project, it is all about compelling storytelling.”

If you wish for your listeners to pay attention to you, then your presentation must be an intricately connected story where one thing is flawlessly linked to another.

2. Always try to use impressive visuals

Apart from the text in your slides supporting elements also play a huge role in keeping audiences hooked.

You should use this approach while giving a presentation. Go with minimalistic slides and rely more on high-impact visuals rather than boring text. This will also decrease your reliance on slides and let you come up with your own lines.

3. Always try to be more interactive

We’ve all had that one teacher in our school times at universities who used to murmur on whilst the whole class sleeping. Please try not to be like that teacher. Be interactive if you want to get the attention of your audience otherwise the will end up having nothing but sleep.

According to a research, 91% people have admitted to daydreaming during business presentations.

Will you prefer that your audience be the part of that 91%? No? In order to not let that happen, you have to keep your audience involved.

As I stated earlier, open with an interactive question or statement, throw in some facts and figures, and keep on asking questions or opinions. Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to one corner. You can move around. Use your space advisedly

If you can, and if the nature of the presentation allows it, move about and mingle with the spectators. If you truly follow these rules then your audience is bound to remember you and the killer presentation you gave them.


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