For novice investors, here are tips when trying to play shares of digital company issuers

tips when trying to play shares of digital company issuers

The phenomenon of trying to play stocks among millennial novice investors has become a current trend. Not infrequently buying shares with capital following the recommendations of pump and dump influencers. For example, recently, many novice traders expect auto rejection profits (ARA) for days from the IPO of one of the unicorn startups. However, the price turned out to continue to move down.

Denny Huang, CEO of, said that his party was present as a platform that educates investors or traders to have independent analytical skills so they don’t get stuck with pump and dump recommendations.

The Issuer Stock recommendation application is here as a consideration for additional insight for investors, traders in the medium to long term, as well as a learning platform on how analysts analyze a stock and its buying and selling strategy.

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“Unlike many other stock applications that only rely on automated robot signals or one analyst which often leads to a pump & dump, is here as a platform with a variety of independent analysts who advise users to understand the basics of independent analysis skills and stay hungry for information & data so that they can take advantage of every opportunity in the recommendations and manage their own risk profile,” explained Denny in a press release, Friday (13/8).

In the case of the IPO of one of the unicorn startups, continued Denny, an independent analyst of previously estimated that the stock price of this startup could potentially drop to a price fraction below 500. He regrets very much if novice investors enter with full capital without further detailed analysis. independent. provides free access services to its users but there are advertising restrictions. Meanwhile, if users want to subscribe to premium, they only need to pay 229,000 for a year. This application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

“Every time there is maximum potential, our independent analysts actively distribute cheap shares with the potential to complete research results to risk rewards and even money management strategies to the pros and cons of the issuer,” said Denny. This platform is also still open to competent and integrity analysts who wish to join.


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