Karachi’s Christian community is eagerly gearing up to celebrate Christmas enthusiastically, as vibrant displays of Christmas trees and Stars of David adorn churches, homes, and neighborhoods throughout the city. The festivities began with Sunday mass at prominent churches like St Patrick’s and Holy Trinity, where Christian priests conveyed the teachings of Jesus Christ, accompanied by memorable songs and prayers for peace, security, prosperity, and development in the country.
The Christmas spirit is visible in residential areas, with houses embellished with festive decorations, Christmas cakes being cut, and Santa Claus spreading joy by distributing gifts to children. Community members, from men to children, wear new clothes and exchange greetings, gifts, and well-wishes.
In the bustling markets of Saddar, a surge in activity was observed as the Christian community made their last-minute preparations. Christmas tree shopping at Bohri Bazar saw increased demand, with various types of trees, including green, green, white, and all-white trees, symbolizing hope and everlasting life.


Christmas Shopping At Bohri Bazaar | The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser
However, the article also highlights the economic challenges faced by the community, with rising inflation and the depreciating value of the rupee impacting the cost of Christmas ornaments. Despite these challenges, the Christmas shopping tradition continues, and markets witness a visible increase in purchases in the week leading up to Christmas.
The article delves into the symbolism of Christmas decorations, with Christmas bells representing the arrival of the season and proclaiming the birth of Christ. Christmas wreaths, snowmen, and Santa Claus outfits are also essential to the festive decorations, contributing to the joyous atmosphere.

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Moreover, the article emphasizes the significance of sharing love on Christmas, with people from different communities presenting cakes to their friends. Bakeries and five-star hotels have prepared unique Christmas-themed desserts, and courier companies offer special cake-delivery services for the day.
As Christmas approaches, the Sindh police chief has issued directives for enhanced security measures across the province, ensuring safety for both Quaid-i-Azam Day and Christmas. Security measures include thorough sweeping and clearance processes by the Bomb Disposal Squad, focusing on churches, missionary schools, and educational institutions, especially in Christian community areas.
The article concludes with information about the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board’s efforts to ensure cleanliness around churches, following Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab’s instructions for cleaning, fumigation, and lime spraying.
In summary, the article captures the festive atmosphere in Karachi, the economic challenges the Christian community faces, the symbolism of Christmas decorations, and the importance of security measures to ensure a safe and joyous celebration.


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