Top 5 tech skills to master going into this year

Top 5 tech skills to master in 2021

If you happen to be looking for an IT job this year, then it’s important to take into consideration some skills that will help make sure that you’ll not just land a decent enough job this year, but will also keep the one that you already have.

With that said, tech experts, online course providers as well as other experts in the tech field have laid down grounds on what they think will be the most in demand skills this year. With that said, here are five tech skills to master this year.

  1.  Cybersecurity

There happens to be no shortage of threats out there. Hackers as well as others are always out there to intersect your data and to get their hands on valuable information in relation to you. With that said, companies often need to build in security at the very start and of cloud projects. And if you can actually do DevOps and security, you’ll be even more so valuable.

  1.  Automation

Automation is actually one of the AI-related skills that will actually be in demand specifically. The vice president of learning at UiPath in Tom Clancy actually says that 70% of surveyed C-level executives require employees to have automation skills.

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  1.  Natural language processing

Voice is actually becoming a part of more and more projects and so speech recognition skills will in fact be all the more so vulnerable : one might even say – at an all time high. And so tools that can actually create to-dos from a meeting or indeed make voice conversations searchable are just some common examples.

  1.  Operational machine learning

Data scientists that actually create machine (ML) models is common now. People are required to cover data operations as well as DevOps for the sake of making use of ML in the production work.

  1.  Cloud-native architecture

More and more companies are now actually actively moving towards the idea of building products as well as services right in cloud rather than just moving there later on.


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