According to research firm Kantar, after conducting some research, it has been found that the market share of the Android manufacturers has actually decreased in the US, while there is an increase in the share not only across Europe but also in Urban China. In the States, we have seen the loss of the market share for the top three Android manufacturers, which consists the likes of Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

To say the decline is surprising would not be a fair statement, would it? Both Samsung and LG have had a rough 2016. To say that the Note 7 was a failure for Samsung would be an understatement. Samsung had to recall the Note 7 due to its failure, leaving the Galaxy s7 as the main source of sales. LG didn’t have much luck either, as the sales of the G5 went downhill.

Meanwhile, the Moto Z lineup is about to be replaced after a poor performance in the market. The weaknesses of the leading Android companies in the market meant that Apple could take advantage of the situation – which it did, by increasing its share in the states to 36.5 percent, which indicated an increase of 5.8 percentage points from the year before.

However, outside of the states, Android did much better. In the top markets of Europe, the total share of Android increased to 78.3 percent, which indicated an increase of 2.2 percent, year on year. Much to the displeasure of Apple, Android also fared well in Urban China, while the iOS devices saw a 3.8 percent point drop from the same time last year, down to a huge 16.2 percent. This meant that everything which left from iOS went to Android.


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