Top Video Graphic card manufacturer recovers, shares rise

NVidia, a leading Video Graphic card manufacturer which supplies its products to a wide array of computer hardware manufacturers, ranging from Intel to Apple seems to be recovering from seasonal slump. Its sales have gone up by 21 percent in the just concluded calendar years and share prices have gone up by at least 8 percent.

The VGA manufacturer has been recently exposed into the exclusive domains of gaming computers as well as Artificial Intelligence solutions. Apart from that a limited adoption of the crypto currency also opened doors for the company as it was providing the vital hard, its manufactured chips for the mining crypto currency operators.

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As said before the spike in the crypto currency domain has been temporary and that too especially in China, where the demand for the crypto currency has been in the advanced stages then those in the developed world;   and for that matter a few market analysts felt that the recovery might be short lived. However with sales up to 21 percent, there are hopes that a vibrant consumption based economy like China will keep the sales graph upward for the graphic card manufacturer.  

The analysts hoping for profits for NVidia also point out to the company entry into the domain of data centers and self-driving cars, a completely new area of activity. The winning line which has been the yardstick for the analysts has been the response of the Chinese market which has shifted its preferences to NVidia for computer chips. Its chips are used for cloud computing companies in China. For obvious reasons, these companies prefer the VGA Company over the old computer hardware brand name.   

It is worthy to note that the VGA manufacturing company has its profits linked to crypto currency business during the last few years; especially in China. It was generally expected that once the crypto currency trend fades out, the company will be in doldrums; however its R&D investment in other hardware domains saved the proverbial day and the forecasts those speak positive for the company.

Top Video Graphic card manufacturer recovers, shares rise

NVidia, a Santa Clara, California based company has made a name for itself especially in the video graphic hardware. With the phenomenal boom in the information technology sector, it has been a no end game for the company. Despite its slow pace in few regions and sectors, its diversity has been a source of respite for its shareholders.

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