Tor is the best option but not the perfect software

Tor is the best option but not the perfect software
Tor is the best option but not the perfect software

Tor is the best option but not the perfect software

Roger Dingledine is the co-creator of Tor (a non-profit group that oversees the Tor network), the popular software for accessing the part of the internet unreachable using a conventional browser. He waves his hands in the air – as if not quite convinced of the existence of dark web.

Dingledine criticized misinformed journalists for sensationalizing the size and scale of the dark web.

He said “I think a lot of it comes down to incentive mismatches,”

Also termed

“where journalists have to create more controversy and get something so that everybody will want to read their article”.

The website of the Tor Project has a section called “Abuse FAQ”.

Here, It is the group attempts addressing the most controversial side of Tor use: that it is an enabler of criminals intent to carry out the most shocking and sickening crimes.

While talking about this, Dingledine says the “guns don’t kill people” defense. He says, Tor does not commit any crime,  criminals do crimes.

There are bad people on the internet doing bas things but Tor doesn’t enable them doing the bad things.

But I suggest that Tor indisputably gives a path  in which a novice can make themselves essentially untraceable online

But Dingledine insists that still there is the bad stuff on the internet due to huge criminal organisations. There is a lot of crime out there.

Tor hides your identity by pinging your connection around several different servers across the world, making your actual location extremely tough to track.

There have been renders that law enforcement has “cracked” Tor but on the other side from isolated vulnerabilities, Dingledine says that the concept remains solid.

Tor is the best option but we can’t call it to be perfect because no software is perfect there is always a possibility to be introduced some better software.

Media captionJeff Sessions did highlight the significant quantities of illegal drugs been traded via the dark web.

Tor had been mentioned in the documents leaked as part of Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing in the year 2014. Under delicate heading “Tor Stinks… but it could be worse”, the National Security Agency (NSA) has noted:

“We will never be able to de-anonymise all Tor users all the time.”

According to Dingledine about 97% of the traffic from Tor has to do with people going to Facebook,  Wikipedia, BBC, and common websites on the internet, and they desire going there with more safety.



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