When WhatsApp recently decided to announce its latest privacy policy which will go into effect in the coming months, the world was taken by storm. Indeed many were quite unhappy with WhatsApp’s decision when it came to the privacy policy that the company had ended up adopting, leading many people to turn to other chat alternatives : one of which happens to be Signal.

But if indeed you are one of those persons looking to migrate to Signal, then a question might pop into your head : how to transfer those secure chats to a new phone? And while the solution to this particular problem might not have been too clear before, thankfully, the same isn’t exactly the case anymore. Indeed in accordance with an XDA report, Signal has actually proceeded on to release a beta 5.5.0 app for Android which would go a long way in helping users migrate conversations.

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A new tool in the Signal beta proceeds on to make use of a private WiFi Direct connection so as to transfer chats from your old device to the new one. In order for a successful migration, you would need to keep both the phones in close proximity. Such a step will also go on to ensure that your messages will stay encrypted and hence will stay out of sight of any determined thieves or indeed spies. You can start this process by visiting the chats section of the app’s settings on your older phone and then proceeding on to tap “transfer account.”

For now though, it isn’t quite clear as to when the stable chats transfer feature will end up reaching a stable signal release. And so, if you are one of those who insist on reliability, you might want to hold off for now.

Of course, it comes as a no surprise that a transfer tool would reach signal at this particular stage. Indeed the creators have been racing so as to add features as WhatsApp users flock to the platform and hence migration does indeed represent the next logical step.


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