When you think of your fridge, your air conditioner, your ceiling fan and other various appliances present at your home, do you think there is something that is common between all of them? If not, then you might be able to change this, with the presence of KlikR Universal Remote Control. What this does is that it combines every remote you need of any appliance, and combined all into one device; your smartphone. Now, you would not have to endure the hassle of finding the remote of each and every appliance, because all of the control belongs to your smartphone.

So, what exactly do you have to do? To achieve one master KlikR setup, all you have to do is attach the coin-sized dongle to any appliance you want to control with the KlikR app. From there onwards, a customizable control panel kicks in, and it lets you see what’s connected, and what’s not. Now, if an appliance is actually connected, then you can control it all with the control of your voice.

KlikR, all for your convenience also has the authority to pause or mute any background noise in the event of you receiving a phone call, and if you’ve lost your phone, even then KlikR has got you covered, because all your settings will be archived, in such a case. All of this done by a simple setup by KlikR, while costing only $19.99.


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