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Trolling campaign removes 1,500 Twitter accounts

After Elon Musk took over Twitter last week, the company came under attack from a coordinated trolling campaign. As a result of the trolling campaign, Twitter has now removed the 1500 accounts involved in it. As Twitter’s head of safety and security Yoel Roth has explained, the company’s campaign is intended to give people the impression that Twitter’s policy has been weakened as a result of the campaign. Moreover, Roth stated that the company is currently working on putting an end to the campaign that has led to a surge in hate speech and hatred on the website as a result of the campaign.

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He also explained that those 1,500 accounts weren’t actually representative of 1,500 people, but rather of 1,500 accounts. Aside from that, he also discussed how the website is evolving and how it enforces its policies in relation to tweets that are harmful. First-person reports are treated differently by the company from bystander reports, according to him: “Because bystander reports do not always have a full picture of the situation, we have a higher standard for finding a violation based on bystander reports.” This is why, even if the platform’s policies are violated, reports made by uninvolved third parties about hateful conduct on the platform often get labeled as non-violations.

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Announcing the end of his series of tweets, Roth promised to explain more about how the website will enforce its rules going forward in the future.

In contrast, Twitter has frozen the access to its internal tools used for content moderation among most employees. It would appear that most members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety organization have lost the ability to penalize accounts that break the rules regarding hateful conduct and misinformation.

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