In this article, we will address the growing concerns among iPhone 15 users who have experienced problems with BMW’s in-car wireless charging. Apple has been relatively quiet about this issue until recently when a report from MacRumors shed some light on the situation. We will delve into the problem, Apple’s response, and what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

The Problem at Hand (H1)

Users of the iPhone 15 have been sharing their concerns regarding issues that arise after using BMW’s in-car wireless charging. This issue has caused disruptions related to Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature. Many have voiced their experiences on various platforms, including Reddit, Apple’s Support community, and MacRumors’ forums.

Apple’s Response (H2)

Apple had not previously addressed these complaints, leaving many users frustrated and unsure of how to resolve the problem. However, recent reports suggest that Apple is now taking steps to address the issue. An internal Apple memo to third-party repair providers indicates that a software update scheduled for later this year will fix the problem. This update is aimed at preventing a “small number” of in-car wireless chargers from “temporarily” disabling iPhone 15 NFC chips.

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Apple advises affected individuals to refrain from using the wireless charger in their cars until the fix is released. This shows Apple’s commitment to addressing the issue and ensuring a seamless experience for iPhone 15 users.

BMW’s Involvement (H3)

BMW also seems to be acknowledging the problem. Earlier this month, the BMW UK account responded to a complaint, stating that the company is collaborating with Apple to investigate the issue. This collaboration between Apple and BMW is an important step in resolving the problems users have been facing.

What You Should Do (H2)

Since it is challenging to determine which BMW models are impacted by this issue, if you own a BMW or a Toyota Supra equipped with a wireless charger, it is advisable to abstain from using it until a solution is implemented. Apple has promised a software fix for later this year, which indicates that it might take a month or two before the issue is completely resolved. In the meantime, it’s recommended to be patient and cautious when using in-car wireless charging.

Past iOS Issues (H4)

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Apple has had to address issues related to software updates. Previously, with the release of iOS 17, Apple had acknowledged overheating and battery drain problems. Fortunately, they were quick to resolve these issues with the iOS 17.0.3 update earlier this month. The most recent update, iOS 17.1, was released last week to address Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) issues with the iPhone 12.


In conclusion, the concerns surrounding iPhone 15s encountering issues following the use of BMW’s in-car wireless charging are being addressed by Apple and BMW. A software update is expected later this year to resolve the problem, and until then, affected individuals are advised to refrain from using their in-car wireless chargers. It’s essential to stay informed and patient as the situation is resolved.


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