Trump and Huawei will only talk when the trade deal is done

    Trump and Huawei will only talk when the trade deal is done
    Trump and Huawei will only talk when the trade deal is done

    So the Chines company Huawei have been in the midst of some controversy coming from the US.With the US accusing the Huawei of all sorts of allegations and the US even put the major company on the black or as they call it the entity list of brands who banned from trading with Huawei. However according to Bloomberg, the situation has somewhat changed.

    Can I imagine a trade deal where the U.S. government doesn’t agree to talk to us?” Huawei’s U.S. Security Officer Andy Purdy reportedly said in Budapest. “No I can’t.”

    According to the latest provided to us by Bloomberg, the above statement basically tells us that A trade deal with Huawei was needed to secure a deal. And they reported that Purdy also claimed that the U.S., its companies and their employees are being hit harder by the supply chain blacklist being imposed on Huawei. The chief of security in turn referenced the $11+ billion in orders and 40,000+ employees that he said are on the line, dependent on Huawei’s manufacturing base driven by its global sales machine.Moreover it is worth noting here that Purdy has been in charge of security at Huawei in the US for 9  years now When spoken to in April, he told us that Huawei is “the most scrutinized company in the world, with the most rigorous examination, in terms of the security of networks globally, now it’s important that our competitors also have their products evaluated.”

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    Moreover, in the later part of this week Purdy once again issued us his reservations and that this blame game and heavy criticism against Huawei should be for everyone. Bloomberg reported him saying that his company wants “transparent mechanisms” to be put in place across the industry, and they should ensure us that Huawei are playing on a level field with its competitors, delivering “trust through verification,he also said that “ we are not asking we should simply be allowed to sell without any scrutiny. We believe there has to be scrutiny for everyone.” Implying that the constant pressure and heavy checking of there brand should be for every company including Apple.

    It is no hidden fact that Huawei has been subject to continual checks and evaluation and in that regard Purdy’ statements regarding the hostility of the US is right  “all vendors’ products should be evaluated both for back doors and for vulnerabilities and issues with software development,”I would be surprised if there weren’t issues found with our competitors’ products.” Said Purdy.

    This on going saga never seems to come to a halt, I believe it was last week when Huawei dropped the lawsuit it filed against the US  government in June. Moreover,as per reports the Chinese company has accused the US government of illegally seizing its equipment. It now says the equipment has been returned and so the lawsuit is being dropped. This shows that both sides are not ready to back up on either stance. In addition to that about a week ago, Huawei accused the U.S. government of cyber attacks, staff harassment and abuses of powers in its campaign “to disrupt the normal business operations of the company.” And so the dropped lawsuit cannot really be seen as any form of detente. So this saga will go on and on, however we do see both sides reaching a compromise soon enough, only God knows when though.


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