Trump will allow US suppliers to trade with the Chinese company Huawei

Trump will allow US suppliers to trade with the Chinese company Huawei
Trump will allow US suppliers to trade with the Chinese company Huawei

As per the recent press release it has been concluded that the, US President Donald Trump will in turn allow Huawei to buy from thevarious US suppliers, who have links to the business and this comes as a concession to China after President Trump held talks with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping on Saturday.

It is a very surprising change in strategy opted by the US given the fact that the US were admant that no trade possibility could ever arise in the future following the ban on Huawei, now after only once month since the Trump administration called Huawei a major threat to U.S. national security, the two superpowers are planning to once again begin the trade talks which have been affected by the recent developmentssince last month. Trump has told reporters that his country will not put any additional tariffs on China for now and in addition to that he says that he will also allow US companies to supplythe components which are deemed necessary by Huawei Technologies Co. As of the moment Huawei Technologies Co has been banned by the Commerce Department blacklisted, for national security reasons last month

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Following the recentdevelopments President Trump attended a national summit in Osaka where he statedthat, “U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei,” without giving any additionalinformation. He further stated that, “We’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it,”. The dust has still not cleared enough to see what this means for the relationship between the two countries but it looks like a step in the right direction. However, it is still likely that Huawei will be able to acquire basic components such as Qualcomm processors and Google’s Android OS so that situation may soon be neutralized.

As it stands, Huawei are still pretty much on the dubbed,  “Entity List” of companies that the U.S. Department of Commerce have stopped trade with. So far no formal decisionhas been made as yet and the discussions between U.S. and China are ongoing. Trump has also stated  that Huawei is still considered as a security risk for the U.S. government.


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