The recent meeting between Pakistan Prime Minister and Afghanistan Prime Minister was considered necessary for future peace between the two countries. The last meeting that Pakistan tried to hold talks with Afghanistan was back in 2015 and it was time that the situation was remedied. Both countries have been having trust issues with each other and the meeting that t=was held behind closed doors has revealed quite a bit about the direction in which both the countries want their perspective relationship to be in. trust talks between pak-afghan premiers.

The main problem was the public allegations laid down by both countries against each other making their fueds all the more open for rivalry and that was to be fixed by showing concerns privately rather than opening up in public about it. Deemed as ‘hostile statements’, both countries have agreed that from now onwards, inorder for proper trust to be established, both countries would be careful in regards to matters. Afghanistan had been previously accusing Pakistan of interfering with their internal matters when Pakistan tried to hold talks with the Taliban for mutual agreement for peace in the region. This was seen as a sign of interference by the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani. Pakistan held Afghan authorities responsible for the unrest in both countries because of the lack of any proper action undertaken. Some of the key things discussed in the meetings as forwarded by certain individuals are

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“We are always willing to discuss such issues through diplomatic and other channels,”

After the meeting, Imran Khan was keen on giving a gist of what the outcomes of the meeting were:

“open a new chapter of friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan, based on mutual trust and harmony for the benefit of the two peoples and countries and for advancing the cause of peace, stability and prosperity in the region.”

Although little is expected from this meeting, but a little hope is better than nothing at all and right now both countries need all the hope of friendly ties that they can maintain.


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