TSMC revenue on the rise – despite the loss of Huawei

TSMC revenue on the rise despite the loss of Huawei
TSMC revenue on the rise – despite the loss of Huawei

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has just gone on to reveal that it is expecting an increase in revenue of 30 percent this year. This financial projection arrived despite the fact that the company lost one of its main clients in Huawei.

In accordance with a Nikkei report, the world’s largest contract chipmaker is set to see a sizeable jump in revenue : 30 percent this year. A primary factor that has actually led to such growth is the coronavirus pandemic, which has gone on to cause an immense growth in demand for digital solutions and smartphone OEMs going on to aggressively push for 5G chips for their handset offerings.

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With regards to an official statement coming in from TSMC, the company’s revenue for the final quarter of 2020 could between that of 12.4 billion USD and that of 12.7 billion USD. Such numbers would mark a market consensus upwards of around 20 percent on the year. The chipmaker further proceeded on to add that this particular growth did not factor in any business with Huawei technologies – with respect to the forecast.

For those unaware, Huawei and TSMC are no longer affiliated due to the restrictions that have come forward as a result of the trade ban that the Trump administration has placed on the tech giant in light of the increasing trade tensions between both the US as well as China.

At the moment, TSMC has declined to comment on whether it has applied for a license to supply the Chinese tech giant Huawei. The Taiwanese company also proceeded on to supply a majority of chip developers all across the globe – with its capital spending reaching that of 17 billion USD. If TSMC well and truly wants to increase its revenue even more, one would have to imagine that this would be achievable if it is once again affiliated with Huawei.


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