The stylus on the LG Stylo 4 is of great capabilities. The pen is properly supported by the display’s digitizer, and while it is true that LG hasn’t necessarily stated exactly how many levels of pressure the screen and stylus can and cannot support, you will indeed have the absolute control that you’d want, just by holding the pen in a certain way. And while it is true to say that the particular pen isn’t as detailed as some of the other detailed pens, it without doubt works like a charm for signing documents, and also for coloring book apps.

Also, while there isn’t any Bluetooth support for the pen, like the Galaxy Note 9, there are some other smart features that have been integrated within it. Among these is the fact that the phone will know when the stylus isn’t in its silo. Hence, when such a case arises, the phone will vibrate, and notify you of the situation.

Other than this, the stylus works very well in most of the situations you’d want to make use of it.While you get a few built-in tools for the stylus, it works well for the very simplest of tasks. It works very well for the replacement for your fingertip : as you can wake the screen with the double tap of the pen, just like you’d do with your finger. Not to mention the fact that navigating around the interface is no less than a wonderful experience, and so is the smooth glide typing with your favorite keyboard.

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Exactly when you take the stylus out of where it belongs, right at the bottom of the phone, you’ll see a short menu of tools available at your disposal. You can change exactly which tools and shortcuts you’d like to see, and you indeed will have the option to have as much as five shortcuts set.

Set up with the default settings, the Pop Menu will show shortcut to stuff like Pop Memo, Capture+, GIF Capture, and also, Pop Lens.

So what’s up with such features? Well, the Pop Memo let’s you jot down a quick memo, while the capture+ feature let’s you take a screenshot. GIF obviously captures GIFs, I mean, what else would it do, right? On the other hand, Pop Lens gives you a virtual magnifying glass to zoom in further, on hard-to-read text.


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