Turkish messaging app “BiP” booms in Bangladesh

Turkish messaging app BiP booms in Bangladesh

BiP now holds the top position in Bangladesh one of the top messaging programs for Android, based on a few of the world’s leading program shop optimization and cellular program intelligence platforms, Mobile Action.

It placed WhatsApp moment in Bangladesh, whilst imo, Facebook Messenger and also Telegram Messenger are monitoring.

Smartphone users at the south Asian delta say are downloading BiP in good numbers and speaking about it on interpersonal networking.

Youngsters are asserting that’s BiP an excellent program established by Turkey under the direction of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Dhaka-based journalist Aoulad Hossain applauded the program and advised Anadolu Agency:”I believe using the BiP program is safer than WhatsApp since the power of this program has promised that they’ll keep all of the information of their users “

“Since WhatsApp has shifted its policy to discuss a part of users’ data with Facebook, I am worried about my privacy and opted to convert to BiP,” he explained.

The spike in downloads of the Turkish program has gained global momentum following WhatsApp, boasting over 2 billion users, lately introduced contentious changes to its own privacy policy which allows it to share more information with parent firm Facebook.

Tremendous reply in Bangladesh

The answer to BiP in Bangladesh seems to be one of the top in the world, particularly since kids in the Muslim-majority nation began to download the program and call it”their program “

“I enjoy Turkey. “I enjoy courageous Turkish leader Erdogan. So, I’ve downloaded the Turkish program as my program and I will use it randomly on.”

Praising Turkey’s initiative, an IT worker in a private company in Dhaka stated BiP should add more features like standing and theme choices.

“You must find out why folks use WhatsApp and has to introduce those features and add more to entice users,” explained Rakibul Islam.

At the moment, almost 110 million people in Bangladesh use cellular and one-quarter utilize smartphones and revel in the net together with different messaging programs, based on information in Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and press accounts.

“If the present trend of downloading BiP remains in Bangladesh, in just a couple weeks, users of this program will probably be in the millions,” said Islam.

Lucrative offers

Data revealed Saturday that BiP was downloaded by over 50 million users globally, based on Google’s app shop.

“BiP is a protected, easy-to-use, free communicating and lifestyle system, which offers a smooth communication and a vast assortment of utility features like immediate postings to 106 languages and exchange rates,” states the program’s description.

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It allows users on cellular and the net to make audio and video calls with around 10 people simultaneously across the globe and discuss pictures, videos and place.

Zerina Begum, a professor in the Information Technology Institute of Dhaka University, characterized the delight in Bangladesh and the rest of the world enclosing BiP as ordinary human nature.

Notification Anadolu Agency that users obviously feel interested in anything new, Begum stated:”So, the recently introduced BiP has drawn the interest of individuals as well as the vacuum manufactured by the controversial movement of WhatsApp has played a considerable part to raise the program,” she added.

Underlining the sentiments of Bangladeshis, ” she stated many in the nation such as Turkey and Erdogan, assisting to further raise the program in the Southern Asian nation.

She advocated BiP officials, but not to undermine the privacy of all users along with the religion they’ve entrusted them.


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