How to turn off the new feature on Instagram?

How to turn off the new feature on Instagram?
How to turn off the new feature on Instagram?

How to turn off the new feature on Instagram. Instagram has added a new feature that keeps you informed about your friends’ presence on the platform. Got it? To make it clear, I will like to treacle Facebook Messenger, that tells your friends when you were last checking the app and same tradition is now being followed by Instagram. The feature has been  turned on by default.

People have started noticing the new feature in the Instagram apps for iOS and Android on Thursday 18th of Jan 2018. But thankfully, it does not tell everyone when you were last active on Instagram — means to say, only the people with whom you do share private messages, or those you like to tag in your Instagram Stories can know about your presence.

For those very people, it does show the last time you did open the app, or the last time when you were on the Instagram messaging screen.

But, you are in luck  if you’d rather keep your Instagram addiction to private or to yourself, it is very easy to turn the feature off.

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How to turn off the new feature on Instagram?

Just tap on your profile page, and then click on the settings gear underneath to your name, just next to “Edit Profile”. Inside the settings menu there will be a toggle for “Show Activity Status”.

What you have to do here? Just turn it off, and the fact that you check your Instagram every five minutes will remain only a private matter and none can check your presence there.

But there is a catch, though — in case you turn the newly introduced feature on Instagram off, then you would not also be able to see when other people like your friends and spouse had been last active. Such is the price you pay for keeping your presence on Instagram a matter of privacy.

That is not all, there is also another recent tweak to the Instagram experience. It is a new indicator that makes it easier for you to see if an account follows you.

Now, if you are looking at the profile of someone who is following you, but whom you do not follow, you will see “Follow Back” instead of “Follow”.

An Instagram representative states,

“This has been live on Android for a while but we rolled it out to iOS users in December,”.


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