So much like what people may see in on your Facebook account or to be more specific the messenger part of your Facebook account, Twitter have no opted for the option of adding reactions and emojis in their feature messaging feature or say direct messages in order to give users a little more flexibility in expressing themselves to people they would like to talk to on the tweeting platform used by millions as we speak. Moreover, this news has officially been confirmed using a tweet made on the platform itself by the official Twitter Support page panel and in it the company formally announced that the new feature has started rolling out in every corner of the world, whosoever has the app will have access to these features. 

Furthermore, these emojis can be added by simply tapping on the heart-plus icon or you could double-tap the message and you will be able to use the feature. If you wish to have emoji access on your desktop you can hover the cursor on top of the message to use this modern mode of expression. Moving on, the recipient, as well as every person who is in the chat will also receive notifications for reactions added to any message by the sender. If any of the users are not running the latest version of the app, they will see the reaction as a normal message so we would urge you to get the latest version to have access for this particular feature. 

As it stands the current available emojis include the laughing emoji, shocked emoji, sad emoji, heart, fire, thumbs up, and thumbs down. The new feature is available on both mobile and web and with that in mind we urge our readers to  to update their application as soon as they can if they are in to having another platform for their private shenanigans. 


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