Twitter Blue subscribers can now begin changing their tweets

Twitter Blue subscribers can now begin changing their tweets

The last one month Twitter test a function which allowed users to modify tweets. The feature is officially available, however there are some limitations.

The first thing to note is that you can only alter your tweets only if you have the Twitter Blue account. Since the very first time the company made a suggestion it was evident.

But it is important to know that you are able to edit only tweets from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand right now.

The feature is expected to be made available to users in the US However, nobody knows for sure. one has yet said if it will be made available to users who do not have to pay the cost of Twitter Blue.

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It may happen in the future however for the moment it’s just an additional benefit to your subscription.

Every tweet edited contains an version history. This is intriguing because it allows you to see the exact changes that have occurred.

It took Twitter an extended time to introduce this feature which has been a majorstay of other social media platforms for quite a while. It could be an instance that “better late than never.”


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