Twitter: If goes to block your content for offensiveness, it will warn you

Twitter: If goes to block your content for offensiveness, it will warn you
Twitter: If goes to block your content for offensiveness, it will warn you

Twitter, the platform also known as the “Micro Blogging Site” is set to display messages to warn you if blocked tweets were “withheld” to comply with local laws or with that  court orders.

Twitter said in a blog post that the warning messages are hoped to provide Twitter users information as soon as they do try to access blocked tweets or accounts.

The new interstitials will get built on Twitter’s Country Withheld Content (CWC) tool launched in 2012 to transparently handle the global legal requests to remove content from the site, alongside the first ever Twitter Transparency Report of Twitter.

The main and primary goal of CWC was to avoid the silent removals. It was also aimed to maximise transparency of the content that we are compelled to remove to comply with local laws, and  court orders, as well as the other legal demands.

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The firm’s Global Legal Policy Director, Jeremy Kessel, said,

“As our use of CWC has evolved over time, we are updating our in-product messaging when we withhold content to clarify why content was withheld and where,”.

Therefore, users will now see one of two interstitials displayed on withheld content. One  is Withheld Tweets, meaning that Twitter was compelled to withhold the original Tweet in a response to a valid legal demand, like a court order.

Kessel explains that, [Seeing this message] means that Twitter withheld content that is based on local law(s) responding to a report filed through specific support intake channels.

The other interstitial people could now see is related to Withheld accounts, that means Twitter was compelled to withhold the entire account specified (for example @username) in response to a valid legal demand like a court order.

It also said that Twitter has updated the CWC Help Center article and its Legal Request FAQ to reflect these changes.

Kessel also said that this update of Twiter is actually part of our larger efforts to increase transparency across Twitter, particularly around decisions that impact our users. He also added that they are also working on improving their  use of in-app notifications to alert the affected users the time we have received legal requests about their account.

Apparently, Twitter will continue to enhance transparency across the services of Twitter and from now on in its biannual reports.


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